First Look at LG V20 Through Renders!

First Look at LG V20 Through Renders!

With the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, one may think that leak season for fancy phones may slow down. But with some more excitement coming up in the form of the new Nexus, and today’s LG V20 renders, there is no stopping the hype train.

The renders for the LG V20 come to us courtesy of @OnLeaks and the folks over at Android Authority. Just to refresh some memory, the LG V20 is the 2016 successor of the LG V10. LG did mention a few details of the device, but outside of vague words, they did not really paint any picture. But now, we have more than a mental image to present:


Right off the bat with the V20, you see a giant screen covering up majority of the front. But upon taking a closer look, yoou can see what resembles a secondary ticker display much like its predecessor. But, the front now appears to be sporting only a single camera which is a departure from the “groupfie” dual front camera setup on the V10. Visible on the bottom is the USB Type-C port, a bottom-firing speaker setup and thankfully, a 3.5mm earphone jack. Also noticeable on this render is the volume rocker on the side, which again, is a change from the V10 implying that the something else has occupied the back where it was originally placed.

That something is the dual-rear camera. From the renders, it is obvious that there is a very noticeable camera hump, but since the dual cameras have a spread out appearance, it probably won’t rock around as much. The fingerprint sensor is on the bottom of the camera, and the power button is nowhere to be found, so we assume it is integrated with the fingerprint sensor.

The most curious addition, which isn’t immediately visible is the presence of a quick-release button on the bottom of the device. The bottom of the device also appears to be detachable, and the entire set up seems very similar to what we saw with the LG G5 and its take on modularity. Android Authority nor OnLeaks could confirm from their sources on whether the V20 will see something similar with modules like it was with the G5. But the change in the back material and the redesign make it seem like a plausible scenario.

One thing to remember, these are still to be considered more as leaks rather than an official image. This means that despite the confidence and track record of the sources, things can change till they become official. More details on the LG V20, including its internal specs and screen size, are expected to arrive in the coming weeks. The unveiling of the device is scheduled for September 6th, so until then, the renders are our best look at LG’s upcoming device.

What are your thoughts on the LG V20 render? Would you like LG to revisit its modular functionality in light of recent competition from Moto? Or should LG continue to invest in its own take on modularity? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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