Fit Companion is a Wear OS fitness app with Google Fit integration

Fit Companion is a Wear OS fitness app with Google Fit integration

Google launched its fitness and exercise tracking platform Google Fit back in 2014. Besides letting users keep a tab on their health using their smartphones, Google Fit also caters to the segment of users sporting smartwatches running Wear OS (previously known as Android Wear). Although Google redesigned Fit in 2018 and then revamped the activity overview last year, the app may still not satisfy users who are eager for comprehensive statistics about their physical activities. Fit Companion is another app that solves this by acting as a third-party client to analyze data from Google’s fitness app and display the data in an exhaustive manner.


What inspired the creation of Fit Companion was the fact that Google Fit lacks key features such as reminders for you to avoid sitting for long durations and the ability to allow users to see trends for their physical activity in the past or create custom goals. The app fetches data from Google Fit and allows users to:

  • get sedentary alerts reminding them to move around a bit every few hours or minutes,
  • create custom health goals and compare them against the actual activity,
  • see fitness data on their smartphones in the app or on Wear OS smartwatches using live-updating widgets.

The data grouped together in Fit Companion is displayed in the form of intervals ranging from one minute to one month. Users can also combine data from two sources to compare and correlate the impact caused by both of them.

In addition, the app also breaks down the heart rate into different zones of cardiac activity. It lets users view data from up to a year at once while also letting them change the anchor date so you can view activity from any time in the past. You can also view the data directly from your homescreen with the help of widgets.

Fit companion is available for download on the Google Play Store. It requires Google Fit to run in the background to be able to read and analyze the data.

Fit Companion
Developer: Stefano Watches
Price: Free

Source: Fit Companion website

Via: Reddit

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