The Fitbit app now helps you track your blood glucose level

The Fitbit app now helps you track your blood glucose level

Fitbit is kicking off 2021 with a helpful new feature: blood glucose tracking. The new feature will become widely available throughout February in the Fitbit app to all users in the U.S.

To be clear, this feature is simply meant to track your blood glucose level; Fitbit’s devices aren’t equipped with the technology that can read blood glucose directly. Incidentally, the ability to meter blood sugar may be coming to mainstream wearable devices later this year.

Fitbit says the new feature is being added so users can more easily track how their blood glucose levels change and how they’re impacted by everything from food to sleep to other lifestyle choices. Users can set personalized ranges, reminders, and more. The Fitbit app will then give users a look at trends over time.


“In addition to the ability to track blood glucose, Fitbit Premium members gradually will have access to seeing how often their glucose levels fall within their target range over a 30 day period, along with correlations between when they take a reading and their levels as well trends in this data,” Fitbit said in a blog post. “Members can also share their blood glucose levels as part of their Wellness Report with their healthcare provider to help your care team offer more personalized guidance for your care.”

Fitbit app users can manually input their blood glucose levels or connect their OneTouch Reveal app from LifeScan, which will automatically import that information. Fitbit said support for other meters and services is coming soon.

A chronic excess of blood sugar can lead to high blood pressure, strokes, and heart attacks, so keeping track of this information is very important, especially for those who have diabetes. Fitbit’s support for tracking is a nice way to integrate with the other health information provided by the company’s fitness trackers.

The company notes that the new blood glucose feature isn’t a replacement for medical advice, nor should it be used to diagnose or treat any medical condition. “It is intended to simply help monitor and keep track of your information.”

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