Fitbit will terminate computer syncing later this year

Fitbit will terminate computer syncing later this year

Before smartphones took off, Fitbit device owners had to connect their fitness trackers to a computer using a special dongle or Bluetooth adapter. In 2022, this kind of syncing is probably pretty rare, with most now relying on the Fitbit app on their Android or iOS devices.  The company will discontinue its Fitbit Connect app for PC and Mac starting October 13, 2022.

Fitbit will not only be shuttering its Connect app for computers, but it will also remove the option to transfer music and playlists to its devices using the computer. Users will still be able to listen to any music transferred to the device, as long as it is transferred before the October 13 end date. In this case, the firm does offer a solution, albeit one that might end up costing the consumer some extra money. The solution going forward will have customers that need to transfer music from their computer to use third-party applications like Deezer and Pandora.


Both services offer a three-month trial, but after that, users will have to subscribe to one of the premium accounts to continue syncing their devices via a computer. Deezer starts at $9.99, and Pandora offers two different subscription tiers that can be used to sync music to a Fitbit device. The Pandora Plus subscription starts at $4.99, while the Pandora Premium subscription will come in at $9.99. Pandora Plus subscribers will not be able to choose what stations or playlists get downloaded to their device. Instead, Pandora will select “three of your most-listened-to stations.” Pandora Premium subscribers will not have such limitations and will have the ability to download any song or playlist to their devices.

As you can imagine, the solutions above will only be for the most dedicated Fitbit users, as Pandora and Deezer haven’t been relevant in the music scene for quite some time. Most will likely be subscribed to Apple Music, Spotify, or YouTube Music. Unfortunately, these services are currently not supported. So if you are using a computer to sync your Fitbit device, take care of things before the October 13 shut down date.

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