Five Camera Tricks for Android you Probably Forgot to Use

Five Camera Tricks for Android you Probably Forgot to Use

Every year Android phones come up with some sort or trick or gimmick to get you excited about new camera technologies. However it seems all the features they come up with get forgotten as people tend to just use the default photo mode. In this video we are going to revisit some of the best Android camera features that you probably aren’t using very much.

Honor 10 with the default camera app from EMUI 8.1

To showcase these photography tricks, we are using the Honor 10 with its amazing AI camera, but you can use any Android phone to implement these tips when shooting your photos.

Short Panoramas

Most people reserve the panorama function on their phone for wide landscape shots or entire 360 degree photos. The Panorama function actually provides the best looking photos when used in shorter pans.


See the following photos to see how a short panorama is used to fit the entire room in the photo.

Standard Photo Mode

Panorama Mode

Wide Aperture Mode

Wide Aperture Mode

If your phone has a dual-lens setup, the default camera app will probably come with some sort of variation of the wide aperture mode from the Honor 10. This effect produces the best results when taking a photo of an object at close range. This photo of my faucet is able to blur out the background while keeping the foreground object in focus.

You can even edit the photo afterwards, to adjust the intensity of the blur and refocus to a different object.

Burst Shot

Way too often I find people rapidly tapping on their shutter button to take multiple photos of their shot. Try to make a habit of using burst photo mode when taking pictures of living things that are trying to hold still. I find it most useful when you’re trying to take a selfie with the back facing camera. There’s no way to see what I’m shooting, so it’s better to use a burst shot and select the best frame afterwards.

Burst Shot Mode

Shoot Raw

If you plan on doing any sort of edits to your photo before publishing it, you’re best off enabling raw photo mode. This will save an uncompressed version of your photo that can be edited in professional apps like Lightroom.

Lightroom is available for Android and it’s an extremely powerful app. If you want more professional looking photos, stay away from filters on Instagram and try editing them yourself.

Editing Raw Photo in Adobe Lightroom

HDR Mode

Don’t forget to use HDR mode when shooting landscapes, buildings in the city, aerial shots or any type of setting where there are intense shadows and light. “High Dynamic Range” photography is designed to reduce the greater dynamic range of luminosity in your photo. This means dark shadows will be more visible, and there will be a consistent level of lighting throughout your photo.

Watch the XDA TV YouTube video to see these camera tricks in action.

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