Five Useful APIs for Startups

Five Useful APIs for Startups

Using an API that can help you or your users access massive amounts of data, can be an easy way to add powerful tools to a website, app, or your business. This is especially true for people with Startups. There are many APIs that will allow you to implement tools that make collecting or searching information very easy. apilayer is a company that makes all sorts of useful APIs for projects of any scale. Here are five APIs that you might find useful for your startup.


Fixer is a foreign exchange rates and currency conversion JSON API. This simple and lightweight API will help you search current and historical foreign exchange rates. Thousands of developers use this tool every day. The service has great sources for their data, and six years of experience. The data sources are updated in real-time, every 60 seconds. This makes sure that your data is always up-to-date with the latest information. The available searchable data dates back to 1999.


Fixer Pricing Options

Detailed API documentation makes this tool very developer-friendly. You’ll have scalable volume options that can handle any amount of requests. Use code examples to enable quick implementation at any level. Aside from live data, Fixer also comes with separate endpoints for single currency conversion and Time-Series data.


This is an email validation & verification JSON API for developers. mailboxlayer’s simple REST API will help you measure email deliverability and quality. Anyone who manages large lists of email addresses knows that it can be difficult to keep track of low-quality addresses and real users. This tool will help you sort this all out. Verify email addresses as they come into your system and make sure you only send email to real customers and high-value contacts. Verify the existence, validity, and quality of any email address simply by passing it into the request URL.

This API is particularly affordable with the pricing plans. You can even get started with a free plan that offers 250 monthly requests. Subscription plans start at $9.99 per month.


vatlayer is a free, instant VAT number validation & EU VAT rates API. Use the HTTPS secured JSON API for developers & businesses. If your business requires a large amount of VAT number validations, this API offers a simple way to instantly access this information. Requests are processed through a system of reliable data sources, including the EU Commission itself. Ensure secure and encrypted datastreams by connecting to the API via industry-standard HTTPS.

You can get started immediately using the free plan, which hosts a full set of API features. When you’re ready to upgrade, you can get a subscription plan starting at $9.99.


Use this global phone number validation & lookup JSON API. You can get a real-time REST API that supports 232 countries. This tool is for companies that track and call leads using phone numbers. The quality of a phone number can be determined after searching using the lookup tool. This helps you to fight fraud, and keep only the high-quality numbers in your system. Requested using an easy-to-integrate URL structure, delivered in lightweight JSON format, and secured via 256-bit HTTPS encryption.

The free plan will help you get started and see if this is the right API for your business. You will be able to search 250 numbers per month on the free plan. Once you’re ready to scale up, you can subscribe to a larger plan starting at $19.99 per month.


userstack can detect any browser, device & OS in real-Time. Use this for instant, secure user-agent string lookup using the JSON API. Don’t let screen sizes get in the way of your conversions. Bring user experience to perfection and identify any device, browser, and operating system by parsing User-Agent strings in real-time.

From a few hundred API requests a month, all the way to several million a day — the scalable cloud infrastructure can adapt to your project at any stage. The free plan can get you going with 10,000 user-agent requests per month. When you’re ready to expand, you can subscribe starting at $9.99 a month. It’s a very affordable solution for startups.

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