Fix For Galaxy S6 Memory Issues

Fix For Galaxy S6 Memory Issues

Not unlike Nexus devices on Lollipop, Galaxy S6 users have been complaining of ram issues for some time now. Apps don’t seem to stay in memory very long, and there are launcher redraws abound. Ideally 5.1 brings some much needed help as it did with Nexus devices.

In the mean time, a thread in our own forums seems to have discovered a potential fix.

Apparently the memory management settings for Android that Samsung chose were a bit too aggressive. The fix involves some build.prop editing, so you’ll definitely need root, which is still fairly simple thanks to PingPongRoot.

Most users are reporting improved memory management. Though there seems to be a caveat:


The major addendum here seems to be that apps like Chrome and and those calling webpages via Webview (Tinfoil for Facebook) still suck


If you’re experiencing memory issues with your next S6 or S6 Edge, head over to our forums to try out the fix.

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