Learn How to Fix the FUSE Time Stamp Issue

Learn How to Fix the FUSE Time Stamp Issue

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Google’s implementation of FUSE is far from perfect. Normally, on-file actions like copying or moving a file can be done without changing the time stamp. This is vital to make backup-on-sync reliable. Most currently available OSes are able to preserve file timestamps, but this is unfortunately not the case in Android.

The problem was recognized a long time ago and has existed in the source code since 2009. Google still hasn’t provided an appropriate fix, so users have either to live with it or find a workaround to circumvent the problem. XDA Forum Member tag68 provided a few methods that can be used with the FUSE and Android to keep the file timestamp and other attributes even after on-file operations. Now, a positive outcome can be achieved with at least four applications that handle the time stamp correctly.

All of these applications require root access to work properly. FUSE in Android uses the root account, so this is why fixing this annoying error is so difficult. It’s a bit silly that Google is making root access more difficult to achieve, while leaving such embarrassing error in place.

Most currently sold devices uses file systems affected by this FUSE error. You can learn more about methods to circumvent it by heading over to the Keep timestamp and attributes correct guide thread.