Fix the Multiple Activity Visibility Issue in KitKat using Xposed

Fix the Multiple Activity Visibility Issue in KitKat using Xposed

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Xposed modules are now a big part of the overall development landscape here on XDA-Developers. XDA Recognized Developer rovo89 and Recognized Contributor Tungstwenty released a tool that allows easy porting of features from custom ROMs or even the fixing of various issues without the need to decompile applications.

Android is becoming more and more bug-free with every passing release, but some things are still broken and even beta tests won’t help fix them all. One bug that remained for quite some time involved the visibility of multiple non-full screen activities. You can see this when using XHaloFloatingWindow or XMultiWindow. Once used, these activities can’t be visible at the same time. You can see the bug in a video posted by XDA Senior Member alahkel.

The bug was eventually fixed, but it is still present in various ROMs. Xposed Framework and the knowledge of XDA Senior Member zst123 allow you to sort out this issue with a simple Xposed module. Installation is pretty simple, only requiring root and that the module be enabled in Xposed Installer.

More information about the module can be found in the original thread. So if the multiple activity visibility issue plagues your device, head over there and give it a try.