FK Kernel Manager becomes Franco Kernel Manager, adds support for downloading any custom kernel

FK Kernel Manager becomes Franco Kernel Manager, adds support for downloading any custom kernel

XDA Recognized Developer franciscofranco‘s kernel is not only one of the most successful custom kernels for Android smartphones, but it’s one of the most successful projects on our forums. It’s available for a wide array of devices and includes a series of tweaks to improve the battery life without sacrificing the performance that you’re used to. Another reason this kernel is so popular is because of FK Kernel Manager, franciscofranco’s self-made kernel manager app.

FK Kernel Manager has evolved to become one of the best and most complete kernel manager apps out there since it was revamped in version 4.0 last year, yet it’s obviously fine-tuned to support the parameters of franciscofranco’s own custom kernel. This kernel is not available for every phone, so some users might miss out on the experience of using this app. This has slowly been changing over the course of the past few months, though. Now, as of version 5.0, the app is completely untied from Franco Kernel and has been renamed from FK Kernel Manager to just “Franco Kernel Manager.” Not only does this update allow you to tweak any kernel you use on your phone (depending on the available sysfs parameters), but it will also be fully supported as it will allow you to download any kernel from within the app itself.


If the kernel you use is not currently downloadable from Franco Kernel Manager, your custom kernel developer should easily be able to add support, according to Franco himself. Roughly 20 different kernel developers tested and provided feedback for the update before it was released. The app will, then, not only serve as just something to tweak your kernel settings, but it will also serve as a hub for everything custom kernel-related as you will be able to download and update whatever kernel you have right from the app. If you’re a custom kernel user of any kind, then you will surely love this update.

In case you don’t have the app, it’s available for $3.49 on the Google Play Store. Check it out!

Franco Kernel Manager
Developer: Francisco Franco
Price: $1.49

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