FlashFire Updated to v0.58 with Workaround for Lockscreen Security Issue and Other Minor Fixes

FlashFire Updated to v0.58 with Workaround for Lockscreen Security Issue and Other Minor Fixes

If you have ever used a Samsung device in the early years of Android, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of XDA Senior Recognized Developer Chainfire‘s Mobile ODIN, an on-device firmware flasher that could be used to apply firmware packages. FlashFire is dubbed the spiritual successor to Mobile ODIN, as it can be used to flash ROMs, kernels and even full firmware packages from various manufactures (on the correct device, of course).

FlashFire has received an update that fixes several minor issues with the app. Version 0.58 of FlashFire includes a workaround for lockscreen security issues, wherein a user who restores a backup with a lockscreen would end up locked out of the device despite entering the right pattern/PIN. This update removes the lockscreen security measures altogether when restoring a /data backup, which acts as a workaround for the issue. Users would now need to reconfigure the lockscreen security settings after restoring, but that is still better than being locked out of the phone entirely.

Other notable changes in the update include full compatibility with SuperSU in SBIN mode. The embedded SuperSU has also been updated to v2.82-SR3. To note, if you are using a different root than SuperSU, then flashing an incremental OTA update will not work. And the update is still not compatible with Android O as Android O sources are needed for ensuring complete functionality.

The complete changelog of the update is as follows:

  • Fix (abort) parsing of loki boot images
  • Prioritize ZIP/GZIP/BZIP2 detection over other formats
  • Fix compatibility with SuperSU in SBIN mode
  • OTA: Fix /cache not being available sometimes
  • OTA: Fix handling issue with August A/B OTA
  • OTA: Show warning on ‘OTA found’ dialog if not using systemless SuperSU
  • Backup/Restore: skip lockscreen security files
  • Embedded SuperSU updated to v2.82 SR3
  • Adjust timebomb for non-Pro users to January 01, 2018

To download the app, head on over to FlashFire’s Google Play Store page. You can also follow along the discussion on the newest update over at FlashFire’s thread in our forums.

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