Fleksy keyboard adds an AI assistant and mini-apps in the latest update

Fleksy keyboard adds an AI assistant and mini-apps in the latest update

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Fleksy is a keyboard app for Android and promises the flexibility of easy customizations. Instead of choosing different layouts for the keyboard, you can add or remove elements like a number row, app shortcuts, editing options using building blocks called extensions. Besides this and other options to modify the keyboard’s appearance, Fleksy vows to encrypt and secure anything you type. After being infused with $800,000 in crowdfunding last year, Flesky is now getting a new AI assistant and a set of mini-apps that will help you utilize the space on your keyboard more efficiently.

With the mini-apps, users will be able to perform a range of actions without abandoning the keyboard. Currently, the list includes condensed versions of apps that you can use without leaving any conversation in the middle. Just like Gboard’s web search feature, a small space opens up on top of the keyboard where users can perform actions like searching for flights, looking for the perfect GIF or meme to reply with, search for services near you, or even watch a YouTube video.

Fleksy Fleksyapps

The list of currently available partners is small and the ones present include Emogi, Giphy, GifNote, Skyscanner, Vlipsy, Yelp, and YouTube while many more are expected to come in the future. Many other popular logos can be spotted in Fleksy’s announcement with prominent names like Paypal, Uber, TripAdvisor, Spotify, Amazon, Vimeo, among others, being readied to be included as a mini-app. With this feature, parent ThingThing aims to provide a similar experience as the micro apps in iMessages.

Further, the company is striving to develop a storefront called the Fleksyappstore where developers will be able to submit their mini apps so as to be available to the users from within the keyboard. But instead of bringing all the features of any app into the keyboard, Fleksy only wishes to include their core functionality. More importantly, these features will be available even if users don’t have the complete app installed.

Apart from the mini interfaces, Fleksy is also getting an AI-powered assistant – dubbed Fleksynext – that will automatically recommend actions like searching for flight when users are possibly talking about an outing. The idea is to make predictions by identifying the context behind the conversations. Fleksy also says that these AI-based recommendations are generated locally on the device and no data is uploaded online.

These mini-apps and contextual suggestions transform the keyboard into a full-fledged platform, allowing users to type more without causing any interruption. The only key to success is ensuring that these apps are seamlessly integrated and offer an experience which is one with the keyboard.

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