Move Your Device to Control Your Music Player with Flick

Move Your Device to Control Your Music Player with Flick

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Smartphones come packed with a bunch of different sensors. These sensors are used to detect various thing like movement, temperature, speed, and much more. Developers often make use of them and add various features to their applications and ROMs. All of these things are done to make their projects more innovative and simply cooler.

One type of applications that can benefit from sensor data is the music player. Music player apps usually only let users change songs with on-screen buttons or volume rockers. However, XDA Forum Member gkeee created an application that lets you control your music playback using your device’s gyroscope.

The Flick app works with most popular music applications like PowerAmp, Google Play Music, and Spotify. To control the playback, simply flick your device to the right to play the next song, or flick it left to go to the previous. Pressing the “Run” button will start the detection. If you don’t like the default settings, you can change them as you wish.

Flick is described as in betam, and there might be some bugs present here and there. The developer is looking for feedback and bug reports, so if you’ll find something worth being addressed, don’t hesitate to report it to gkeee.

Don’t waste your time unlocking your device to change the song. Give Flick a try by visiting the Flick application thread.