Flutter 2.8 introduces 2D game engine and faster app performance

Flutter 2.8 introduces 2D game engine and faster app performance

Flutter is Google’s framework for creating cross-platform applications that work on desktop, the web, and mobile. It’s already one of the best ways to develop cross-platform software, and Google is constantly adding new features. Flutter v2.8 is now available, and it aims to speed up game development and app responsiveness.

Google says apps built with Flutter 2.8 should be faster than with previous versions, thanks to new performance optimizations. The company said, “We’ve been using some of our experiences with large Google apps like Google Pay to invest both in making Flutter itself more performant, and in giving you better tooling to guide profiling and optimization of your own app. Your apps should start faster and use less memory just by upgrading to Flutter 2.8.”


Flutter 2.8 has a few other helpful improvements, such as better support for Firebase and Google Cloud back-end services (there’s a new sign-in widget apps can use), production support for Google Ads, and version 2.15 of the Dart programming language.

Even though it’s not owned by Google, the company also highlighted the 1.0 release of Flame, a 2D game engine that runs on top of Flutter. Google wrote in an announcement, “Flame provides what you need to build games quickly: as well as a game loop, it also includes core primitives such as a component / object system, sprites and images, collision detection, a world camera, an effects system, and gesture and input support.” The engine can also be used with bridge packages that link and integrate with other libraries.

It’s clear Google is rapidly turning Flutter into one of the best cross-platform development kits available, with a constant stream of new features for developers to use. Google Mobile Ads integration arrived last month, making it easier for mobile app developers to monetize their applications, and Flutter 2.5 from September included initial support for Material You theming.

You can learn more about Flutter at its official website.

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