Use a Keyboard and Mouse for Gaming on Android with this Bluetooth Controller

Use a Keyboard and Mouse for Gaming on Android with this Bluetooth Controller

When it comes to Bluetooth controllers, Android is able to read inputs from your standard dual joystick configuring. Some games require button mapping apps while others work without additional configuration. For the most part, your standard Xbox-style controller will work well with Android. The area where Android has always differed from a PC, is the way it reads a mouse input. If you’ve ever tried gaming with a mouse on Android, you’ve known the struggle of having to click and drag across your screen, to replicate a touch-based aiming system. This issue has rendered keyboard and mouse gaming inputs useless for the longest time. Flydigi has created a solution called the Scorpion, which makes it our favorite Bluetooth gaming controller.


The Flydigi Scorpion is a WASD gaming keyboard. This keyboard consists of the left half of your standard keyboard, including the spacebar and four customizable keys. The keyboard is backlit with RGB LEDs that can change colors and lighting patterns based on your preference. The keyboard features blue mechanical switches with the ability to replace your keycaps.

Build and Design

Clearly a great deal of thought was put into the Flydigi controller. There aren’t many missing features that you’d want out of a mechanical keyboard. On the surface, it might look like another basic mobile gaming accessory, but in reality, it has everything you’d find in a high-end mechanical keyboard.

USB-C charging port and USB mouse input.

Bluetooth and lighting controls.

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Powered by a long battery life, the Flydigi Scorpion uses a Bluetooth signal to link to your phone. A USB-C port is available for charging the controller, with another full-sized USB port for your wired mouse input. A rubber palm rest extends past the bottom of the keyboard, making a surprisingly comfortable situation for gaming. Along the left side of the keyboard, you’ll find the Bluetooth toggle, lighting toggle, and wired/Bluetooth input switch.

The one feature that I found the keyboard to be missing, was a Bluetooth input for PC use. In order to use this with your computer, you are limited to a wired connection with the USB-C port. It would have been nice to use the Bluetooth connection to use with a PC. However, the Scorpion only acts as a keyboard input when using a USB connection.


So how does the Flydigi solve the mouse input issue? The keyboard converts keyboard and mouse activity to controller inputs. This means that WASD is converted into left joystick, and mouse movements are converted into right joystick. Since Android has the ability to read gaming controller inputs, this means the Flydigi Scorpion acts as a natural keyboard/mouse setup with PC-style behaviors. No more clicking and dragging across your screen to aim in a first-person shooter game. Now you simply move your mouse and click to fire, just like you would on your computer.

The Flydigi Scorpion can be used with a USB mouse input.

The Flydigi Scorpion keys are backlit with RGB LEDs, with additional lighting bars on the side and top.

The results are a totally natural keyboard and mouse gaming setup. The mouse moves and accelerates exactly as you’d expect it to, while the keyboard acts as a comfortable WASD input. For games that don’t have universal controller support, you can use the Flydigi Game Center app to map your controls. The app also offers firmware updates. Since I have started using the Flydigi Scorpion, my keyboard has received two updates. This is always a promising sign, as it shows that the company behind it is actively supporting its product.

At $58.99 on Amazon, the Flydigi Scorpion is one of the more expensive gaming accessories you can get for your phone. However, it is the best keyboard and mouse solution you’ll find. So if you want to buy one today, use the link below.

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