Follow Your Android’s Output Up Close With SysLogcat

Follow Your Android’s Output Up Close With SysLogcat

If you are a hardcore Android developer, you know that one of your most important tools (aside from your device and your PC) is the fact that you need to know your device’s output at all times. This way, you can get a clear picture of what your device is doing, and if it crashes (device or app), you can quickly find out what happened and fix the culprit. If this sounds like something you use constantly, then getting your logcat in real time should be mouth watering for some of you. Well, XDA memberĀ mtcarey just created a simple app that basically sends the logcat to your syslog server (RSyslog, SyslogNG, or whichever one you may be using). The app can be configured to show only certain parts of the output and can even monitor your device in real time. An absolute must for devs out there.

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SysLogcat sends your Android log entries to your Syslog (RSyslog, SyslogNG, etc.) server. Great for extended debugging in Android App and ROM development. Flexible filter options give you fine-grained control over output, and the built-in monitor lets you watch what’s being sent in real time.

You can find more information in the original thread.

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