Manage Fonts on Your Android Device with Fonter

Manage Fonts on Your Android Device with Fonter

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Probably one of the most effective ways of changing the overall look of your Android device is by replacing the default font. It’s a seamless process on some desktop operating systems like Windows, which feature the appropriate mechanisms to make a change very easy.

The situation differs a little bit on Android. While changing the system font is relatively easy when your device is rooted (rename the file of the font and put it in appropriate folder), changing the font on a per-application basis requires some additional tools. One of them was recently presented by XDA Forum Member goodevh. Fonter is a font manager that allows you to change the font system-wide and for specific applications. This powerful themeing utility is available in the form of both an application and Xposed Framework module.

Fonter can be installed as a normal app, without root privileges. This will work like a charm on some OEM firmwares like those from Samsung or OnePlus. Root access is required on some other devices like HTC or Motorola smartphones. The list of fonts is very long, and they can be downloaded straight from the app. You can change the look of the application by applying one of many themes available.

Change the look of your device right now. Fonter is one of those applications that is incredibly easy to use, yet very powerful. You can find more details and the application/module itself by visiting the Fonter application thread.