Forget About Notification LEDs with AcDisplay App

Forget About Notification LEDs with AcDisplay App

Active Display is an innovative feature that was first seen on the Moto X. It was then quickly ported to other ROMs by ChameleonOS’ developers. This feature works by showing you notifications on your device’s screen when they arrive. And when used in conjunction with an AMOLED screen, the battery drain isn’t too great in most instances. This sort of feature is very useful when a device lacks a notification LED, but nothing holds you from testing it on devices armed with big LCD screens, like Sony Xperia devices.

While a few app-based solutions already exist, the Active Display implementation created by the ChameleonOS team was limited to custom ROMs incorporating their commits. But thanks to XDA Recognized Developer AChep, running KitKat (Jellybean support will be added soon) can try Active Display. The application was written from scratch, with the use of some open-sourced libraries. AChep completely revamped the user interface, which is now clear and simple, and notifications are presented in an aesthetically pleasing manner, allowing users to read headers before opening them. The application is battery friendly and doesn’t require root access, so can be used on devices running stock firmware. That said, AcDisplay must be given Device Administrator status so that these notifications can work properly.

AcDisplay is an interesting application, and hopefully developer will continue to add unique features. Until then, you can make your way to the application thread and give the newest version a shot.

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