Form ‘N’ Fun Is An Open-Source Game That Combines Android, Drawing and Computer Vision

Form ‘N’ Fun Is An Open-Source Game That Combines Android, Drawing and Computer Vision

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There are many exciting projects available for Android. In fact, almost 3 million applications are available in the Play Store. But not every application is open-source and written to serve as educational material. Developer Rohithkvsp created the Form ‘N’ Fun game that makes the most of drawing on Android. While this might sound a bit crazy or lame, the game is really great and fun to play.

Form ‘N’ Fun is an Android maze game that uses real-time computer vision. The uniqueness of this game is that the user can draw his own mazes on white paper with pen/pencil and then play them. The game detects the maze and the user can play using the accelerometer. This Android app uses contours algorithms in OpenCV to detect the maze that is drawn on real-world  paper. This app then uses the JBox2d engine for simulating the rigid bodies. On the video below you can see this app in action.

The fun part is that you can freely modify the application, as it’s hosted on GitHub. You can change such attributes as resolution, the color of the ball, the force of the ball and more. The build instructions are available in the ReadMe file on GitHub. Once you are familiarized with how it works, you can learn a thing or two to implement into your projects.

Form ‘N’ Fun is a fun game to play, but also an interesting project to kick-start a development journey making computer-vision user experiences. If you are a beginning programmer (or aspiring to become one), you can give it a try and modify the source code to your liking — play with it and see what happens. If you are a veteran development, you might be tempted to see how it’s all put together. You can find the game APK and its source code in the repository available below!

Source: Android Experiments   GitHub repository