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AMOLED mnml is a Wallpaper App with High-Quality, Minimalist, AMOLED-Friendly Wallpapers

Does your device sport an AMOLED display? If so, then you might enjoy wallpapers with rich colors and deep blacks. But finding wallpapers that look great on AMOLED displays can be tough, so to that end XDA Senior Member AlienCreature7 created AMOLED mnml. This is an open-source, cloud-based wallpaper app that features a lot of minimalist...

How to Modify the Quick Settings Background Color and Alpha on EMUI 5 [Root]

Although OEMs such as Huawei offer their own theme managers, there are often elements (often related to the System UI) that cannot be altered by third-party themes. When you have root access on your device, though, you can bypass these restrictions and modify whatever you want. If you are on a Huawei or Honor device...

Android TV (based on Android 7.1.2) for the Raspberry Pi 3

The Raspberry Pi 3 is the third generation single-board computer made by the Raspberry Pi Foundation, and like all previous iterations, the tiny computer is incredibly affordable and easy to mod. If you own one of these boards and are looking to turn it into a media center, then try out XDA Recognized Developer tabp0le's...

Elephone Announces Android 7.0 Nougat for the Europe and Asia P9000

XDA Junior Member alicio04 passed along some news about the European and Asian variants of the P9000 from Elephone finally receiving its Android 7.0 Nougat update. Some people are reporting minor bugs about the update, like when trying to play something with Google Play Music, but most seems to be in working order. Elephone says this version...

Pre-Alpha Build of Arch Linux Running Natively on the Google Pixel C

XDA Member Samt434 was able to get Arch Linux natively running on their Google Pixel C. Then they released the required files and even wrote up a step by step guide so that you can get it up and running on your device too. At this time, hardware acceleration is not working so Gnome Desktop is quite slow, WiFi is...

How to Root the Google Pixel and Pixel XL Running Android O DP1

XDA Member Sachi315 was able to get the first Developer Preview of Android O rooted on their Pixel phone, and now we see XDA Senior Member eqbirvin has put together a step by step guide to help everyone do the same. The method involves installing an Android 7.1.2 ROM onto one slot of the device and installing the...

How to Install ADB and Fastboot System Wide in Windows

Setting up ADB and Fastboot tools are pretty straight forward as all you need to do is download the binary and extract it to any directory. However, not many people know how to configure it to be system wide in Windows. That means most users are stuck opening up the command prompt in the same...

FolderMount Magisk Module Lets You Mount Internal SD Card Folders to External SD Folders

The FolderMount Magisk Module from XDA Senior Member Codebucket lets you easily mount internal SD card folders to external SD folders. It creates a script in /system/bin for use in other scripts, and a future version will rebind all currently mounted folders after a reboot.

Modded Magisk Module Template Allows You to Patch APKs On-the-fly to Create Magisk Modules

XDA Recognized Contributor djb77 has released a mod that combines EvilTheme (which is a newer version of VRTheme) with Magisk to let you patch APK files on-the-fly and have them created as a Magisk Module.

Steg Enables You to Send Unsupported Files Through WhatsApp

Steg is an application from XDA Junior Member LordFME that enables you to send unsupported files via WhatsApp as long as Steg is installed on both devices. You can use the application to bypass WhatsApp's image compression feature.

Store Pusher Links Default and System Apps to the Windows Store

Store Pusher from XDA Senior Member winphouser is a simple application that links all of the installed default and system applications to their Windows Store page. The application requires that you have a Windows 10 build > 14393, and you can export the database as a .CSV file.

Public Discussion on XDA Rules Regarding Sharing of Code

Our new proposed forum rules look to better protect existing developers while encouraging sharing and open source. These will be open for public discussion for the next week before adoption, so please come join the conversation!