The powerful new Fossil 5 LTE is now available at Verizon for $349

The powerful new Fossil 5 LTE is now available at Verizon for $349

Last week during CES 2021, the Fossil 5 LTE was officially announced, providing a smartwatch option to those that want to be a bit less tethered to their phones. Retailing at $349, the smartwatch is now available in Black and Pink at Verizon, which happens to be the exclusive carrier for the smartwatch as well.

The Fossil 5 LTE was already available for purchase at Fossil’s website, but in order to use the features you’re paying for, you have to get a Verizon plan, as it’s only pairable with phones with Verizon Numbershare. So grabbing this smartwatch from Verizon is definitely a good idea! You need them either way, after all.


Costing $50 more than the original Fossil 5 smartwatches, the Fossil 5 LTE effectively has the same tech inside it. What you’re paying for here is for the watch to function completely without your phone having to be nearby. So if you maybe want to leave your phone while you go on a hike–then your Fossil 5 LTE will have no issues holding a signal and tracking your hike via GPS. Want to use Google Pay on your watch without worrying about where your smartphone is? There you go!

At Verizon, you can play the straight $350 for the Fossil Gen 5 LTE, or pay $14.53 a month for 24 months. In addition, you’ll save $150 if you bundle the new Fossil with a smartphone. I’m pretty sure there are some Samsung Galaxy S21 deals you can stack at Verizon with this too!

    The LTE version of the Fossil 5 is not at Verizon! For $349 or $14.53/month for 24 months, get a smartphone that can function without your smartphone nearby.

If you’re not interested on having your smartwatch on a Verizon plan, you can instead opt for the standard Fossil 5. Since the tech for both smartwatches is essentially the same, you can save a cool $50 for the same experience… and that’s only if it’s not on sale. Right now at Amazon, the Fossil 5 Carlyte is on sale for $240, so you save $110 over the LTE version!

    Don't need to have your smartphone connected to your cell data, or don't have Verizon? The standard Fossil 5s has the same technology within at a lower price!

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