Four Cool Mods for the Galaxy S8

Four Cool Mods for the Galaxy S8

This video is for new Galaxy S8 users looking for some cool mods for their device. Miles put together four mods that you can check out in this XDA TV video.

bxActions – Remap Bixby button

This app lets you remap the Bixby button so that it can be used to trigger different actions.

Download bxActions

DPI Adjusting

Go to the developer settings on the Galaxy S8 and you’ll find an option to change your DPI setting without having to use adb through your computer. Just input the DPI number that you want right from your phone.

Modify Quick Settings Grid

This guide will show you how to use a few adb commands that will let you change the quick settings grid on your phone.

Go to Guide

Get LiveFM Radio

FM radio can be made available on the S8 using the nextradio app. You don’t need WiFi or a cellular connection for this to work.

Download NextRadio

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