Franco Kernel Manager receives a big overhaul in version 4.0

Franco Kernel Manager receives a big overhaul in version 4.0

Franco Kernel is one of the most popular custom kernels in the XDA forums. Users take advantage of it for adjusting the CPU governors, changing the clock speeds and voltage values, tuning the schedulers, and so much more. The main goal for all custom kernels is to get the desired amount of speed and/or battery performance from the device. The developer behind the kernel, Francisco Franco, also maintains an accompanying application which lets you manage all the settings and options mentioned below. Earlier this week he released version 4.0 of the app, which brings in a lot of overall improvements.


The first and most obvious change is the completely new dark theme, which now includes Material Design components. The redesign of the dark theme extends to all the screens in the applications. You can also notice the redesigned dashboard as soon as you open the app. It offers all the information one might need. The manual flasher is also present, which was added back in January. You can see the full changelog from the Play Store below.

Here’s version 4.0. Everything you asked for and more!

  1. Totally new dark theme, finely crafted with Material Design Components;
  2. A new Dashboard with all the info you need;
  3. A new Scripts Manager to create and import your custom scripts;
  4. Added full Klapse support;
  5. Added over ~100 new tunables;
  6. Streamlined the nav drawer;
  7. Tons of UX improvements exactly like you asked.

There’s still a lot to do. Thanks for all the support and feedback, it was instrumental for this release!

As a limited time offer, you can get FK Kernel Manager for just $0.99. Franco has a lot of features and improvements planned for the coming versions of the kernel. Just a few weeks ago, he got feedback from the EX Kernel Manager users, so we can already see that he worked hard on the feedback.

Franco Kernel Manager
Developer: Francisco Franco
Price: $1.49

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