Free Android Music


I was released from prison last week after doing 10 years for pirating music back in the early 2000’s. I have a permanent record now and I have to work at a freaking factory. As I adjust to life on the outside, some of the clowns I work with are telling me you can get all sorts of music for free now… WHAT?! I did hard time for something that’s so casually acceptable now?! After hearing this news, I rushed to my friends house to check the internet to see if it’s true (I’m not allowed to have a computer at my own home). Sure as sh*t, you have tons of ways to access free music. I researched for hours and I’ll share with you what I found.


Pandora (aka Mumford and Sons Extravaganza) is a free music  streaming app that can create radio stations based on your preferred artist or genre of music. If you like Classic Rock, just select your favorite artist and you’ll have some great Mumford and Sons songs lined up for you. Do you like Dubstep? Good news! Mumford and Sons in streaming right into your ear canals. In fact no matter what type of music you want, Pandora will assume you also like Mumford and Sons, and that’s what you’ll get. No matter how many times you “thumbs down” their music or block the artist entirely, Mumford and Sons will find a way to sneak into your station. Before Mumford and Sons was a band, I would have told you that Pandora was a fantastic app… But When I’m on my Holiday music station, and they still popup, I just can’t anymore.

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Spotify is based on playlists rather than stations. So you can put all of your favorite songs in a playlist, and stream whenever you want. Create multiple playlists and share them with your friends! It’s honestly a fantastic app and it’s worth checking out.

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Play Music

Google’s Play Music is my personal favorite. It’s most likely already installed on your phone and it has all the feature of Spotify and Pandora combined into one app. All of this is free, but there is also a paid version. This is the only service I’ve ever paid for to get music (See above prison story) and it’s well worth it.

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It seems a lot of kids these days just go straight to YouTube for their music. This is not the best if you want to listen to something while you doing other things on your phone, because as soon as you hit your home button, the video pauses. However for those of you with rooted devices, there is an Xposed module called YouTube Background PlayBack that fixes this issue, which makes YouTube a great source for music.

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So before you throw your life away by pirating the soundtrack to the Star Wars Christmas Special, just download one of these apps and listen for free!