FreedomOS Review on the OnePlus 3

FreedomOS Review on the OnePlus 3

So if you bought your OnePlus 3 and you’re looking for a little more customization options, with the same overall experience as OxygenOS, then you’ll want want to stick around to check out FreedonOS for the OnePlus 3.

FreedomOS is just a modified version of OxygenOS. Everything from OxygenOS can be found on this ROM, including a bunch of other goodies you’ll find bundled in.

ViPER4Android FX


This app allows you to completely modify your audio experience. You can tweak the overall audio strength coming out of your phones’ speaker, bluetooth audio devices and USB audio devices, as well as radically change the sound to your liking.



FreedomOS also comes with AdAway which allows you to remove ads from apps and certain websites.

Layers Showcasevlcsnap-2016-07-20-10h07m45s379

Showcase is like a CM Theme engine replacement. Instead of just tweaking the UI, icons and navbar buttons, you can specify which apps you want to be themed.

These features, paired with the other awesome stuff that comes in the stock OxygenOS, makes for a great custom ROM. You can download it for your own device by following the link down below.

Download FreedomOS