FreedomOS Revisited

FreedomOS Revisited

A while back Miles did an in-depth review of the FreedomOS ROM on the OnePlus 3. If you didn’t see that video, you can check it out here. In this video, we will follow up with this ROM and see how it has progressed so far.


One of the biggest differences if that everything is starting to look much more like HydrogenOS. Things like the power menu and the notification center have all been modified for a more Hydrogren type look.


A new feature that has been added to this ROM is the ability to choose between the Layers and the Substratum theme engines. Substratum is fairly new, but it’s really special so check it out!


The advanced settings menu has been ported in from HydrogenOS. This menu lets you schedule power on/off, toggle user enjoy plan, and customize how you clear your apps.


Another change is the ability to access the system theme settings through the display menu. Choose between light, dark or default themes.

That’s about it for changes in the FreedomOS ROM. If you want to get this ROM for yourself, check out this thread here.

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