Use the Front Earpiece as a Second Speaker on the Note Edge

Use the Front Earpiece as a Second Speaker on the Note Edge

Speaking as an owner of a phone with a rear-facing speaker, I can tell you just how ridiculously small and weak any media playback sounds. Maybe it’s because we’ve all been conditioned to experience high quality sound playback in recent years with superb sound products and features *ahem* HTC One *ahem*, but hey, it’s 2014. So this is probably why it was a bit surprising that the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge, the new innovative phablet with its screen curved alongside the right edge, had its lone measly little speaker on the rear.

XDA Senior Member sshafranko however, was right on the case and developed a mod which activates the device’s front earpiece as a secondary speaker for media playback. The effect of this is not only increased volume and uninhibited speaker playback, but as sshafranko describes it, an “almost surround sound type of effect”. There are three variants available for download, being:

  1. Surround sound effect with default volume level
  2. Surround sound effect with medium volume level
  3. Surround sound effect with high volume level

A flashable ZIP package reverting the effects of this mod has also been provided in case you don’t like the result or something goes wrong. It should be noted that this mod was developed to be compatible with the T-Mobile version of the Galaxy Note Edge, so it’s unknown whether this will work with other versions, although, it has been tested to work on the Sprint variant as well.

This is a much welcomed mod for a device with rear-facing speakers, so if you’ve been waiting for this, head over to the Galaxy Note Edge Surround Sound Mod thread to get started.

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