Frost for Facebook is an Open Source, Fully Themeable Facebook Alternative

Frost for Facebook is an Open Source, Fully Themeable Facebook Alternative

Facebook, the social media network with an official application that everyone loves to rag on, now has (yet another) third-party Android app alternative in the form of a web wrapper. This one, however, stands out as it is an open-source, fully themeable alternative. Created by XDA Recognized Themer asdfasdfvful,”Frost for Facebook” is a Facebook web wrapper with quite the arsenal of nifty little features, some of which are listed below.

An overview of what Frost for Facebook has to offer

Account switching made easy: In addition to the fact that all of one’s accounts are available right in the drawer—only one tap away, Frost’s notification service listens for notifications from across multiple accounts. Hence, notifications are active throughout the list of accounts.


Opening external links made easy: Frost for Facebook contains an overlaying web browser. Hence, when opening an external link, a preview of the webpage will be delivered on top of the interface, with the Frost app being just one swipe away.

UI made prettier: Theming the Android ecosystem is now on everyone’s to-do list and Facebook has always been one of the more difficult applications to theme via Substratum thanks to how often the layout may change. Frost provides a comprehensive theme interface out of the box, so you can choose exactly how you want your mobile Facebook browsing experience to look.

Install Frost for Facebook

Head over to the original XDA Forums post in order to see a full breakdown of the available features as well as explanations for why it needs certain permissions. You can also give direct feedback to the developer or suggest features in that thread.

Frost for Facebook
Developer: Pitched Apps
Price: Free+

What Facebook app do you use, and why? If you don’t use Facebook at all, what social media networks do you frequent if any? Let us know below!

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