Froyo Pre-Rooted Update ZIP Available!

Froyo Pre-Rooted Update ZIP Available!

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Following on from the recent news of Android 2.2. aka Froyo, lucky Google Nexus One owners received an OTA update today!

XDA forum member and Modaco’s Paulobrien was quick off the mark, and has released a pre-rooted update zip for XDA members!

He has re-packed FRF50 i.e. FroYo so that it has no pre-requisites unlike the official release.  This means that users can flash via the usual custom recovery image.  Also included is ChainsDD’s Superuser app, and the radio image.

Paulobrien has promised more goodies next week including a Kitchen, de-odex pack, Superboot and an MCR release.

However, if you are one of the lucky recipients of the official FroYo release, then you can also get root by checking out XDA developer Cyanogen‘s Quick Rooter for stock Fro-Yo systems, which is available in this forum thread.

To download Paulobrien’s Pre-Rooted and for more information, visit the forum thread.