Full Body Image of the OnePlus 5T Leaks Online

Full Body Image of the OnePlus 5T Leaks Online

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OnePlus is launching their new flagship smartphone, the OnePlus 5T, on November 16th with the device slated to officially go on sale five days later on November 21st. There have been a number of leaks suggesting what we can expect from the OPPO sub-brand this year and many people are looking forward to it despite their last phone just about half a year old.. While we’ve seen a couple of alleged partial renders so far, a newly leaked image claims to give us a complete look at the new smartphone in all of its glory.

Since OnePlus launched their first smartphone, there have been a few constants throughout all of their flagship smartphones. They’ve stuck with the alert slider as a way to give their users quick and easy access to the notification system. They have also kept the capacitive navigation buttons with each of their flagships even while other OEMs have dropped them from their arsenal. However, if rumors turn out to be correct, we could see the OnePlus 5T finally ditching those capacitive buttons later this month.

Our first hint of this change was from a partial render that was released last month. In it, we saw slim side bezels and a very slim bottom bezel that can be compared to the bottom bezel of the LG V30. The top and bottom bezel of OnePlus flagship smartphones have been rather large over the years so slimming down the chin of the OnePlus 5T would indicate that not only are they transitioning away from the capacitive buttons, but they’re also removing the front-facing fingerprint scanner.

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Earlier this year, it was revealed that the OnePlus 5 was more or less a rebranded OPPO R11. Yes, there are some subtle changes here and there, but the core design stayed the same between the two phones. So when OPPO launched the R11s earlier this month, it led people to speculate about whether or not OnePlus would be doing the same. The leaks so far have fueled these rumors and the newly leaked image of the OnePlus 5T adds even more validity.

Source: 24/7 Techie