Functional Webserver – Support for WP7

Functional Webserver – Support for WP7

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XDA forum member davux has enhanced his Webserver sample to support reading from his WP7 device, as well as reading and writing IsolatedStorage.

To access the Webserver, you’ll need to install then open the app on your WP7 device which will disable the idle timer and run behind the lock screen. The WiFi will turn off, so you should connect your device via USB or make sure that it does not sleep.

IsolatedStorage is a special case as it’s a virtual directory that uses the SDK IsolatedStore APIs. The filesystem is mounted at the root of the Webserver. The dev states that if you navigate to //phone_ip/ you will not see anything, as it is not possible to list the contents of the root directory.

For more information and to provide feedback, visit the application thread.