Future Versions of Android Could Let You Use Different Styles of Emoji

Future Versions of Android Could Let You Use Different Styles of Emoji

It's possible blobmoji will be back, but don't get your hopes up yet

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Update – When we reported on this we were citing the response of a Google employee in their issue tracker program. However, today it seems like they’re going back on their statement and has closed this request and marking it as intended behavior while saying it will not be fixed.

Emojis are one of those features that were somewhat handy when they were first released but have grown to become a staple among social interactions on the internet. When Google released KitKat, the company talked about how they designed a unique set of emojis that would specifically be used on their Android devices. These have become known as the blob style of emoji and they received a number of complaints when they were first made available.

As with most subjects on the internet, the squeaky wheel gets the oil and with the new update to Android Oreo Google has decided to go for a more humanized/anthromorphic style of emoji. Whether or not this was a direct result of the complaints the blobs received at first is unknown, but we do know that Google has done work to bring gender options to the emoji standard. As soon as the announcement was made that the blobs were going away though, there was an outcry from those who actually prefer it. The blob emoji had grown on many Android users, and their distinct appearance had the little blobs become quite likable over time.

Switching styles of emoji have been a popular feature among Android enthusiasts for ages. Many are familiar with leveraging root to install the same emoji style system wide that iOS uses. We even recently wrote about using rootless substratum to switch to the blob style on Android Oreo within certain applications. Recently, someone created a thread in the Google issue tracker that requested a feature which enabled the user to switch to previous version of emojis if they wanted to.

These are generally those feature requests that get ignored or closed if Google doesn’t have any plans for them, but that wasn’t the case here. Early this morning a Google employee replied to this request and said they are deferring “this to a future release,” and will keep it open for now. So while it isn’t a 100% confirmation that the feature will come in a future update to Android, it is giving a lot of people hope that it will happen.

Source: Google Issue Tracker