Google is considering adding Call Recording APIs in a future Android version

Google is considering adding Call Recording APIs in a future Android version

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Considering how long we spend doing activities like browsing the web, sending emails, watching videos, listening to music, etc. on our smartphones, we may as well start calling these devices portable PCs and not smartphones. For many users, however, placing regular old phone calls is still a very important feature, especially when it relates to work. Similarly, recording phone calls is very important functionality for some people such as when dealing with threats, talking to customer service, or doing business over the phone. Sadly, call recording (without turning on the speakerphone and recording via the microphone output) is basically impossible on most Android devices since Google blocked the last known method that call recording apps used. According to a comment left by a Google employee on the Google Issue Tracker, however, Google may be reconsidering its stance on call recorders.

One user submitted a request to add call recording functionality in Android Q. (Since the request was submitted through Android Q’s beta feedback app, the public Issue Tracker post was created by a Googler on behalf of the user.) A Googler closed the feature request as “fixed” and left the following comment stating the development team’s opinion on the feature:

Our development team has been adding call recording APIs on their road map.  Its something that we would like to address in a future version of Android.  However due to the security and privacy implications of such APIs it is not something we can deliver for the Q release.

It’s too late for the feature to be added to Android Q, but we may see an official API in Android R or later. That means call recording apps will continue to not work without root until 2020 at the earliest. Although, you may already have the ability to record phone calls if your OEM provides that option. Most OEMs disable call recording functionality in regions like the United States because of the different laws on call recording between states. Thus, for many of our readers, you’ll either have to root your phone or hope that Google adds an official API so you can once again record your phone calls.