Google Details Future Plans for Android Wear: Offline Music, GPS Support and More

Google Details Future Plans for Android Wear: Offline Music, GPS Support and More

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Earlier this year, Google expanded Android’s horizons on multiple fronts, such as Android Auto and Android Wear. While Android Auto was also a rather large leap, Android Wear, Google’s foray into bringing Android to wearables, has stolen the show. Since then, multiple Android Wear devices have launched, and Google is all set to push out an update to the platform, a few features of which, were outlined in a blog post by Google earlier today.

The first, or rather, the first two features mentioned in the post are offline music playback and GPS support. Android Wear, in its current state does not support offline playback, relying on the connected handset to play music instead. However, the update will allow playback even if the wearable is not connected to a handset, accessing music stored on the wearable itself. The GPS support feature allows you to track your location, distance and speed from your wearable, provided it includes a GPS sensor. The third feature outlines the introduction of  downloadable watch face to customize the visual style of your wearables home screen to display information you want, such as a calendar or fitness info.

The post also goes over the wearable devices launched at IFA this week, namely, the Moto 360, Asus ZenWatch, LG G Watch R and the Sony SmartWatch 3. It goes on to state that these devices, as well as the ones released earlier this summer (LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live), will receive the aforementioned update in the coming months.

[Source: Official Android Blog]