Future S Health Update is Rumored to Schedule a Doctor Visit

Future S Health Update is Rumored to Schedule a Doctor Visit

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S Health is Samsung’s own health and fitness companion application, and it is packed with a bunch of features. If you have a Samsung wearable then it can tap into data from those sensors directly, but it can also use the sensors built into their Samsung phones as well.

The company has been improving this application for years now and a new rumor says Samsung will be taking things a step further.

This rumor comes to us from SamMobile, and their sources are telling them that a big update is headed our way. They aren’t sure exactly when this new update will drop though, and are suspecting that it could happen when the Galaxy S8 launches. However, this part of the rumor is speculative as their sources haven’t told them when the update will be made available to the public. It just makes sense that Samsung is working on a big update for the launch of their upcoming flagship smartphone.

The rumor claims that Samsung is working closely with 3rd-party companies like WebMD and Amwell, and will be integrating their features and services deep into the S Health application. This would enable those who use the application to search for symptoms diseases and drugs directly inside the application without ever having to leave it or dig through web search results. That will definitely be a nice addition to the application, and will add features that Google Fit doesn’t have.

The rumor doesn’t stop there though. SamMobile’s sources are also telling them that you’ll be able to schedule online visits with a doctor from within the S Health application as well. You’ll be able to set video appointments with certified doctors 24/7, and receive a list of pharmacies that are near you. The new update will also allow you to store information about your appointments including symptoms, photos of the condition, and medical prescriptions.

Source: SamMobile