Future Samsung Galaxy S20 update will address random reboot issue that some users are facing

Future Samsung Galaxy S20 update will address random reboot issue that some users are facing

The Samsung Galaxy S20 lineup is the perfect example of cutting edge, monster-specced flagship. Be it the processor, connectivity options or the camera, Samsung is ready to outperform its competitors in every segment. However, software optimizations play a significant role in the premium smartphone experience and the Korean OEM is well aware of that. The company recently rolled out the first software update for the Galaxy S20 Ultra that specifically incorporated fixes related to the camera auto-focus issue. The list of bugs does not end here though, as a number of Galaxy S20 owners have reported about a strange random reboot glitch affecting their units.


The reboot event is truly random, as there is no particular pattern in the user reports spread across the internet, including Reddit, Samsung’s community forums as well as our own forums. Disconnecting or reconnecting the charging cable or the headphone is enough to trigger the reboot event in some cases, but it’s still not very clear whether it’s a hardware (i.e. the USB Type-C socket) or software problem. Thermal throttling is suggested as yet another possible reason, albeit Idrees from our team hasn’t faced any such issues on his Galaxy S20+. From what we can gather, this random reboot glitch is prevalent on the Exynos variant.

The company is apparently trying to fix the random reboot situation with priority, as suggested by a moderator of the Samsung EU community forums.

The developers reckon that they’ve found the source of the issue, and are working on an update to resolve it. No timescale on that, but hoping it’s soon for you guys – so keep a look out for it coming your way.

According to the same person, opting for a replacement might be pointless, as the root of the bug is hidden beneath the software layer.

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Snapdragon-powered Galaxy S20 units, on the other hand, are plagued with a GPS lock bug, which is still to be addressed by Samsung.

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We hope that Samsung will deliver the necessary fixes in the form of a quick hotfix. In the meantime, let us know if you have faced random reboots on your Galaxy S20, S20+ or S20 Ultra down in the comments.

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