FX File Explorer v7 brings major redesign, latest beta adds Android TV support

FX File Explorer v7 brings major redesign, latest beta adds Android TV support

When we talk about file explorers on Android, there’s very few that we actually recommend. Solid Explorer appears to be everyone’s favourite, with free alternatives like MiXplorer also being popular amongst the community. Another that’s often talked about is FX File Explorer, and with version 7.0 released, it looks to take the throne. With a whole host of improvements, it aims to do what the others can’t, and that includes the addition of Android TV Support in the beta version 7.1.

FX File Explorer 7.0 comes with a brand new, redesigned user interface, which aims to improve upon the current layout. For example, both the List and Card views (Card is previously known as Grid) now show much larger thumbnails with the thumbnails spanning as far as they can go. It looks slightly cleaner than before and makes the application much more visually appealing. Context menus have also been integrated with item selection. This means that cut, copy, and paste are all accessible by holding down on an item, just like how you’d previously access other options like archive and properties.


Also included in the update is nicer transitions and performance improvements relating, in particular, to file transfers and archiving, though other performance improvements exist too. One of the most noticeable changes in terms of transitions is the new circle effect when going back to the home screen or opening a file. That’s not all there is though, and you should notice smoother and more consistent animations throughout FX File Explorer version 7.0. The “Recently Updated” section has also been revamped tocategorizee files by type.

As mentioned earlier, the beta of FX File Explorer (version 7.1) also supports an entirely separate UI for Android TV boxes, better suited to the larger and wider screens that it would be running on. While not quite done in the same way, Solid Explorer also recently updated to support Android TV boxes, though it simply incorporates two browsing columns instead of one. FX File Explorer has a slightly more adjusted UI, and you can check out the screenshots below.

The UI on Android TV boxes largely resembles the UI on regular Android but is better suited for aspect ratios typical of an actual TV.

If you want to give the app a try, check out the link below. You can get a one week free trial of the premium edition of the application, which unlocks things like network and cloud storage transfers, FX connect, music, video and image opening and audio playback.

FX File Explorer
Developer: NextApp, Inc.
Price: Free

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