Google Brings Machine Learning to G Suite Customers Sharing Files in Google Drive

Google Brings Machine Learning to G Suite Customers Sharing Files in Google Drive

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Recently, we’ve seen Google shift from a mobile-first company to an AI-first company. They have been injecting bits and pieces of this technology into both new and existing products and services. The company recently launched Reply as a way to bring smart replies (similar to Inbox and Allo) to all messaging apps. This week, G Suite customers have been told they’re getting a dose of machine learning by intelligently organizing the “Shared with Me” section in Google Drive.

Businesses who have large teams that collaborate often have been using this sharing feature for a while now. This is just one of those features that have become incredibly useful for businesses, but it’s not perfect. The feature is fine when you have a dozen or two shared files, but larger organizations can easily increase this to hundreds and even thousands for an individual project. Having to sort through all of these shared items can be a big pain.

Google has recognized this issue and began working on adding a way to intelligently organize the “Shared with Me” section of Google Drive. Not only will Google’s machine learning technology try to surface what it thinks you’re searching for, but it will also show you the people listed along with what they have shared with you. The new feature may seem rough around the edges at first but Google says the predictions will improve as the system learns how you’re using it.

The team is currently working on adding more features to the platform. They will use artificial intelligence and machine learning technology to make it easier to find files and collaborate more efficiently in Google Drive. The blog post didn’t go into detail about what we should expect in this regard, but it did say they will be making an announcement over “the next few months.”

While we’re waiting for these new announcements to come to light, we’re told that the new intelligent prediction will begin rolling out over the next two weeks.

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