G4 Supports Quick Charge, Feature Might Come Soon

G4 Supports Quick Charge, Feature Might Come Soon

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The G4 is already on the spotlight for having inconsistent battery results in inconsistent reviews, and without wireless charging nor Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 2.0, this is a turn-off for many users. The device does feature a 1.8 amp charger which does help in regaining juice, but Quick Charge is still a beloved feature. Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 2 page got update today, however, and now it displays the G4 under supported devices. This could mean that it is now officially supported and that it will make it to the final release units.

Now, it is worth noting that we knew beforehand that the Snapdragon 808 was capable of Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 2.0, so when the device was unveiled and we didn’t hear LG confirm it, we were rather puzzled and disappointed. The demo and review units sent ahead of release also had no quick-charging enabled, which led to many critics slamming the G4 for regressing in a time where charging capabilities have dramatically expanded. Now that Qualcomm’s page has been updated, we might see the feature come to the G4 to hopefully redeem the battery constraints.

Another thing worth noting is that no official announcement has been made by LG as of writing this. Their Discover G4 promotional page still does not list the feature in any specification sheet nor mentions it in any blurb yet. Android Central claims to have had confirmation from the smartphone’s manufacturer that this is the case, but until we hear a conclusive official announcement we can not be sure.

The feature might come enabled through updated firmware in retail units, or perhaps distributed through an OTA. If LG does indeed enable it by appealing to the “unfinished software” excuse, then they are still at fault for sending units without such an important feature and for not announcing it at the appropriate moment. Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 2.0 official page remains, nonetheless, a strong indicator that the G4 is in fact capable of faster charging – and if LG doesn’t act upon that at this point, we can expect a lot of angry power users to get up in arms.


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