Most of the time, these smartphone manufacturers will slap their garbage UI on top of Android and ruin the entire phone (*cough* Samsung *cough*), and then you have to spend hours rooting your phone, uninstalling apps, flashing ROMs and stuff like that. Well here we have the LG G4, with their custom UX 4.0 user interface installed. So is it garbage UI? Actually it’s really good! I was surprised at how many useful features this phone comes with. Gather around the fire kids, and we will take a tour of the UX 4.0 user interface, and see what it brings to the tablet. 

Dual Window

Well this is definitely a feature that more smartphone manufacturers need to get into. Dual Window lets you use two apps at once, one stacked on top of the other. In this screenshot you can see me using Google Search, as well as watching some YouTube videos.

In the past, this was only a feature you were able to get by rooting your phone and installing some sort of mod. Ever since Sony started making it standard in their Xperia lineup (Samsung, too, with the Note devices), other manufactures are starting to implement it.

I use this feature to Google stuff while I’m having a text conversation. Hahaha just kidding, nobody texts me. Every day gets darker and darker.

To use the  Dual Windows feature, press your “recent apps” button. It will be shown in the bottom left corner.


LG SmartWorld

The LG Smartworld is where you’re going to go to download themes, fonts, wallpapers and keyboards. It’s kind of nice having all of your customization options in one place. Makes me feel like a real boy.

I particularly like the font options, except for the Coffee font lol. What even is that?

There are plenty of themes to choose from to change the look of your G4. There’s some pretty high quality options and they’re all free.

The stock keyboard is really nice, and the theme options are bountiful. Download some and find out which one works best for you!

The LG Smartworld will be an app available in your app drawer. Definitely check it out to see all the ways you can spice up the UX 4.0 interface.


Smart Bulletin

Smart Bulletin is similar to Google Now, in the sense that you can view your calendar, weather, settings and music control, all from one window. It actually probably works a little bit better than Google Now.

It’s great to be able to see my LG Health at a glance. Today I ran 15 miles, did 56,000 crunches, and believe it or not…I had a smoothie.

So LG did a good job in making the entire UI look really nice. The color schemes works great and it’s probably the best looking UI that you’ll find on an Android phone.


Alright kids, that’s about it. I normally hate these custom UIs and would recommend sticking with a pure Android stock experience… But this LG UX 4.0? I gotta admit, I really like it! Boom!