Galaxy A52s 5G owners are facing lots of issues after installing the One UI 4.0 update

Galaxy A52s 5G owners are facing lots of issues after installing the One UI 4.0 update

In January, Samsung rolled out a stable One UI 4.0 update to the Galaxy A52s 5G. But it looks like the new software is far from stable and is littered with many bugs and issues.

According to multiple reports on Samsung Community forums, Galaxy A52s 5G owners are facing various issues and performance degradation after installing the Android 12-based One UI 4.0 update. Users are reporting a wide range of problems, including stuttering and janky animations, degraded camera performance, auto-brightness behaving erratically, issues with proximity sensor during calls, unusually high battery drain, and more.


Here’s what Galaxy A52s 5G owners have to say about the One UI 4.0 update:

“There are lots of bugs in one UI 4, like when you open the app drawer, the background blur goes away, same with the side panel. Also, the animations are very slow, and the typing sounds changes frequently from one to another. Brightness also increases and decreases again and again. When searching for refresh rate on settings, nothing comes up. When connecting charger when screen is off, the charging animation is very sluggish and runs at 30fps instead of 120.”VanshMchandani

“I have recently updated my galaxy A52s with android 12 and oneui 4.0. Iam facing so many issues camera is not working good and sometimes phone is hanging and battery drains faster with 60hz also.”anandhuu

There are dozens of threads on Samsung forums echoing the above sentiments. What’s even more frustrating for Galaxy A52s 5G owners is that it’s been over two months, and Samsung has yet to issue a bug-fixing update. The company even skipped the monthly security update last month, and the phone is still stuck on the January 2022 patch. Seeing just how many bugs and issues are present in the new software, it’s clear that the Galaxy A52s One UI 4.0 was rushed and didn’t spend enough time in the beta/testing phase.

If you own a Galaxy A52s 5G and are still running One UI 3.x, we advise you not to install the new One UI 4.0 update. So far, Samsung hasn’t acknowledged or commented on the buggy One UI 4.0 update. We’ll let you know when the company shares more details on the matter or issues a bug-fixing update.

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Thanks to Vansh Meharchandani for the tip!

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