Samsung Allegedly Discontinuing Galaxy Alpha Line

Samsung Allegedly Discontinuing Galaxy Alpha Line

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Samsung has been on fire for the last few days. The Korean OEM recently announced a new version of Note 4 phablet able to download big files in the blink of an eye. Unfortunately not all news from this manufacturer is good news. According to the Korean IT news site etnews, this leading OEM plans to cancel the Galaxy Alpha production and focus on its successor: the Samsung Galaxy A5.

The Samsung Galaxy Alpha is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful Samsung devices released to date. However, poor battery performance and a high price were barriers that made this device not as popular as Samsung would have expected. The 5-inch A5 is aimed to hit a different sector of the market: mid range. The phone uses the Alpha’s design philosophy, emphasizing thinness and a higher-quality, metal construction. Hardware specification will be less impressive than the Alpha, but the price should be also lower at $400. According to reports, the A5 should start to arrive somewhere in January or February. The Alpha is set to be canceled once the current material inventory depletes.

Is this information true? I guess we will have to wait a few weeks to find out if the Samsung Galaxy Alpha is pulled off the market. Hopefully this is just a rumor, as the metal-framed Samsung looks great.

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