Galaxy Apps gets rebranded to ‘Galaxy Store’ ahead of Samsung Unpacked

Galaxy Apps gets rebranded to ‘Galaxy Store’ ahead of Samsung Unpacked

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Branding is incredibly important when it comes to consumer products for a number of reasons. We’ve seen Google rebrand product after product and service after service over the years because they know how a simple name can resonate with the user. Samsung devices have had their own app store for applications made specifically for those devices. It has previously been known as Galaxy Apps (or the Galaxy Apps Store), but a new update shows that the company is rebranding this to the Galaxy Store.

Many of the major OEMs have their own store where their customers can download exclusive apps for their device. Apple has the iOS App Store, Amazon has the unique spelling of the Appstore, Android itself has the Google Play Store, and Xiaomi has the Mi App Store. Samsung’s has been called the Galaxy Apps store for years but it looks like the company wasn’t quite happy with that name. We have screenshots from our own Max Weinbach that show the Galaxy Apps application is now known simply as the Galaxy Store. This change comes right before the Galaxy S10 is announced at Unpacked 2019.

Firstly, the application has been updated with the One UI design style which we’ve covered extensively here on XDA. So expect the new redesign to be easier to use when holding the smartphone in one hand. However, the name change is also interesting because it could indicate a change in direction for the app as a whole. Back in 2015 when Google replaced the Devices section of Google Play with the Google Store, it gave them a place to sell hardware to its users. Samsung has an extensive selection of accessories for their smartphone products so it’s entirely possible that we could see this app evolve (or extend) to something similar.

This is purely hypothetical and it might not introduce any changes at all (other than a new name and a new user interface). Only time will tell, but if you own a Samsung device then look out for the update. We’re seeing people receiving the update to this application before they have even received the update to Android Pie.

Via: Reddit user WatchTheGood