Get a pair of new Mystic Blue Galaxy Buds Live and save with trade-in at the Samsung Store

Get a pair of new Mystic Blue Galaxy Buds Live and save with trade-in at the Samsung Store

Do you know what will great with that brand-new Samsung Galaxy S21 when it releases? A new pair of Galaxy Buds Live! Samsung has just released a new color for the little bean-shaped earbuds, and the Mystic Blue color looks fantastic. If you haven’t picked up the Buds Live yet, it’s your lucky day.

But why the beans, over some other earbuds? Our Galaxy Buds Live review should help to answer that question. Reviewer Aamir Siddiqui liked the sound and call quality of the Buds Live, although it seems the active noise cancellation is a little lacking. If you’re using them to exercise or listen to music outside, though, perfect ANC is not always the greatest, either! At least for me, I want to have some awareness of my surroundings.


Better yet, you can even save on the Mystic Blue Galaxy Buds Live with an eligible trade-in! What’s eligible? Apparently… everything! Trade-in any wired or wireless headset, and you’ll save $20 on the Mystic Blue Buds Live, making them just $150. As always, you can save more if you’re a part of the Samsung Discount Program.

    Get the new Mystic Blue Galaxy Buds Live from the Samsung Store now! Trade in any audio device to save $20.

Not a fan of Mystic Blue? You can still save on a new pair of Buds Live! In fact, you can save even more. The other Buds Live colors also have the $20 trade-in offer, but they’re also discounted $30. so you can get them for $120! It’s perfect if you love another color more.

    If blue's not for you, you can save up to $50 on a pair of Galaxy Buds Live! Trade-in any audio headset and knock $50 off the MSRP.

Are you looking for more Samsung deals? They’re currently having a sale on all sorts of accessories! Take a look through the deals page to see everything that’s on offer.

Finally, if you’re a Samsung buff, you’ll want to mark your calendars for the next Samsung Unpacked! The first Unpacked of the year will take place on January 14 and will include the launch of the Samsung S21 and plenty more.

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