Galaxy Buds Pro app confirms colors, design, and features of Samsung’s next TWS earbuds

Galaxy Buds Pro app confirms colors, design, and features of Samsung’s next TWS earbuds

Samsung is reportedly planning on launching its next-gen TWS earbuds alongside the Galaxy S21 series next month. Recent leaks suggest that the upcoming TWS earbuds, called the Galaxy Buds Pro, will offer better ANC and an in-ear design more akin to the original Galaxy Buds and Galaxy Buds+. While Samsung is yet to release any information about the earbuds, a teardown of the pre-release Galaxy Buds Pro (Plugin) app has now revealed key details about the earbuds.

Reddit user u/gamer0mega spotted this pre-release APK while skimming through Samsung’s Galaxy Store servers, and it includes detailed information about all the new features that Samsung will offer in its next-gen earbuds. But before we talk about the new features, here are a couple of renders from the app that confirm the design we saw in recent leaks.


Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro APK teardown color variants

As you can see, the Galaxy Buds Pro is a far cry from the Galaxy Buds Live, and it features a design similar to the original Galaxy Buds. This in-ear design is expected to provide better passive noise isolation, and therefore better ANC performance, which was a major pain point on the Galaxy Buds Live. These renders also confirm that the Galaxy Buds Pro will be offered in three color variants. Along with the new design, the Galaxy Buds Pro will offer the following new features:

  • Spatial 3D Audio with head tracking
  • Voice/conversation detection: turn the volume down automatically when the earbuds detect a conversation
  • Left/right hearing adjustment (Hearing enhancements)
  • Noise controls
    • Ambient sound mode
    • ANC mode
  • Bixby voice wake-up sensor

The teardown reveals that the 3D spatial audio feature will have a few limitations. It will only be available on Samsung devices running One UI based on Android 11, it will require devices to have specific sensors (possibly compass), and it will work on devices that support this feature:SEC_FLOATING_FEATURE_AUDIO_SUPPORT_HEADTRACKING_EFFECT.

As for the hearing enhancements feature, the teardown reveals that it will allow users to adjust the volume of each earbud manually. This is expected to improve usability for those who have hearing impairments in one ear. It’s also worth noting that the custom volume balance settings will persist when the user switches to a different device, so they won’t have to repeat the process.

The Conversation detection feature will automatically switch the earbuds to the Ambient sound mode and reduce media volume. The feature will present users with an option to set a custom timeout (5/10/15 seconds). The earbuds will revert to the previous volume/mode once they stop detecting the user’s voice after the specified duration. The teardown also reveals that the Ambient voice mode will offer four volume settings, and the ANC mode will offer two (high/low) noise-canceling settings.

Furthermore, the pre-release APK confirms that the Galaxy Buds Pro will feature a 61mAh battery in each earbud and a 472mAh battery in the charging case. The app will also include settings to help users customize touch controls, two customizable home-screen widgets, a tutorial to help users get a proper fit, and a Find My Earbuds to help users locate misplaced earbuds.

Thanks to @SamsungRydah for the tip!

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