Galaxy Fit update adds Music Controls to Samsung’s fitness tracker

Galaxy Fit update adds Music Controls to Samsung’s fitness tracker

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Back in June this year, Samsung launched the Galaxy Fit and Fit e smartbands in India. Priced at ₹9,990, the Galaxy Fit offered a bunch of cool features, including activity tracking, sleep tracking, notification support, and more. Surprisingly though it lacked the basic ability to control music playback, something that you’ll find even on entry-level fitness bands. Thankfully, Samsung is now pushing an update that includes this functionality, among other things.

Galaxy Fit plugin update

According to a recent report from Tizen Help, Samsung has started rolling out firmware version R370XXU0ASK1 to Galaxy Fit users in the US, UK, Italy, South Korea, and India. To get the latest update, you will first have to update the Galaxy Fit plugin from the Play Store. Once you’ve updated the plugin, you should receive the firmware update in the Galaxy Wearable app. The new music controls will let you easily switch tracks and pause or resume playback with your Galaxy Fit. Additionally, the smartband will display the name of the current song on the home screen.

Along with music controls, the latest update introduces 31 watch faces for the smartband. The new watch faces focus on offering more information to the user and display the date, time, heart rate, steps, and weather information. The update also brings improvements to the DND feature which wasn’t as responsive in the previous firmware release. In case you own a Galaxy Fit, you can download the latest update for the plugin from the link below to receive the firmware update.

Source: Tizen Help