Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 could pack a bigger battery

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 could pack a bigger battery

Although nearly nine months old at this point, the Galaxy Z Flip 3 remains the best compact foldable phone on the market. The Galaxy Z Flip 3 represented a big step up over its predecessor, offering a four times bigger external display, enhanced durability, IPX8 water resistance, and a more palatable price tag. But as much as we like the Galaxy Z Flip 3, there’s one area it falls short compared to other phones: the battery life. The Galaxy Z Flip 3 packed a 3,300mAh battery, and while it delivered good screen on time (SoT) numbers on light to moderate usage, it struggled to last through the day under heavy load. But it looks like the upcoming Galaxy Z Flip 4 may offer some improvement in this area.


According to a report from GalaxyClub, the Galaxy Z Flip 4 will reportedly have a bigger battery. The report notes that the Galaxy Z Flip 4 (model number SM-F721) will pack two batteries, with one being a “sub” battery and the other “main” battery. Despite being a “sub” battery, it’s actually the larger of the two; its rated capacity is reportedly 2,400mAh. For reference, that’s 100mAh bigger than the Galaxy Z Flip 3’s sub battery. Meanwhile, the main battery has a rated capacity of 903mAh, unchanged from the last year. The two batteries combined will offer a rated capacity of 3,300mAh or 3,400mAh “typical” advertised capacity. So overall, we’re looking at a small 100mAh increase over the Galaxy Z Flip 3’s battery — 3,200mAh (rated) or 3,300mAh (typical).

While such a small increase is unlikely to make a huge difference, Samsung could focus on other areas — such as taking advantage of a more efficient chipset and utilizing an LTPO display — to further maximize the battery life.

Samsung has high expectations from its next foldable clamshell. A report from March revealed that the display shipments for the Galaxy Z Flip 4 are expected to be 60% higher than the previous model.

Source: GalaxyClub

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