Galaxy Note 10’s new Samsung DeX integration with Windows and Mac PCs goes live

Galaxy Note 10’s new Samsung DeX integration with Windows and Mac PCs goes live

Samsung DeX is one of the cooler features on flagship Galaxy smartphones. It allows you to run your Android apps in a desktop-like experience. Until the Galaxy Note 10 launch, you could only use DeX if you had an external display that accepts video input. With the Note 10, Samsung made a desktop client so you can use DeX on top of macOS or Windows. If you are getting a Galaxy Note 10 and are interested in using this new mode, the desktop tools are now available. All you need now is a USB cable to connect your phone to your computer.

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The new Samsung DeX mode lets you use your PC’s mouse and keyboard as inputs. You can run Android apps and games on your connected screen like normal. The best part about the computer client integration, though, is drag and drop support. You can drag files from your PC to your Note 10 and from your Note 10 to your PC. You can also run Linux on DeX through the DeX app. Windows or macOS with DeX on top and then Linux on DeX makes this a pretty powerful setup.

Thinking about potential use cases, I imagine that social media posting can be made easier. For example, you can transfer a photo or video from your phone to your PC then edit it on your PC then drag it to back to your phone via DeX. With DeX open, you can launch Instagram and post the edited photo or video directly through your phone using DeX on your laptop. Previously, this would have required you to send the file over then post it from your phone. This saves a bit of time and makes using your phone with your computer around super easy.

DeX has always been a powerful tool but it just wasn’t easy to use until now. This new mode makes it far more convenient to use, but sadly, it’s only available on the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10+ at the moment. I tried getting this new DeX mode on my computer with my Galaxy Note 9, Galaxy S10+, Galaxy S10, Galaxy S8, and Galaxy Note FE, and I found it doesn’t work on any non-Note 10 devices. The Link to Windows feature, on the other hand, does work on older Samsung phones. We’ll be checking to see which, if any, of the other Note 10 features are accessible on older devices.

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