How to Use the S Pen Like a Power User on the Note 7

How to Use the S Pen Like a Power User on the Note 7


Jared is back with XDA TV with a new video focusing on some of the best tips and tricks for the S Pen on the Galaxy Note 7. Become an S Pen power user with these tips below.

#1 Remove Floating Icon


Instead of going through your settings menu to turn off the Air Command floating icon from your screen, just tap and hold the icon until the trash icon appears at the top of your screen. Drag it to the trash to remove it.

#2 Magnifyvlcsnap-2016-09-09-18h12m22s475

Believe it or not, magnify can be pretty useful. Use magnify to get a closer look at graphical elements in your photos. You can also use it in spreadsheets and other documents. Instead of zooming in and out to see small text, just use the magnifier.

#3 Glance


Glance is much like the alt-tab function on a windows PC. Use glance to reference notes when sending an email. Likewise, it’s best used whenever you need information from more than one app at a time.

#4 Smart Select


I’m sure many of you are already aware of the gif creation tool from the smart select menu. There are ways to use some of the other smart select tools as well. In apps like YouTube, you can’t normally cut and copy text from the comments section. Just choose one of the other smart select tools like the rectangle, create a box around the comment you want and choose “extract text”.

#5 Fix Lock Screen Memo


The always-on display allows you to pin a note to the lock screen but many users have a hard time getting this to work correctly. The fix is actually pretty simple. Got to Display Settings > Always On Display > About Always On Display > Update and now you should have the lock screen note functionality.

#6 Delete Written Text


When writing something with the handwriting feature, simply cross out the text you want to delete and it will disappear.

Did we miss any great tips for the S Pen? Let us know in the comments!

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