Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Camera Receives a 94 from DxOMark, Calls it the Best Smartphone for Zoom

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Camera Receives a 94 from DxOMark, Calls it the Best Smartphone for Zoom

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DxOMark recently revised the way they review their smartphone cameras due to the innovations in mobile camera technology. While this still isn’t enough to satisfy some within the community, DxOMark is still one of the most widely cited publications on smartphone camera quality. The team recently put the Galaxy Note 8 from Samsung through the paces and the phablet received an overall score of 94 with an emphasis made on how well it performs when zooming in.

With DxOMark’s new review system in place, they went back and re-reviewed a number of top contenders from the past. With that change, it put devices like the Google Pixel back on top, but that reign didn’t last long. Apple had just launched their new smartphones and the iPhone 8 Plus was crowned the smartphone camera king with an overall score of 94. With the new review of Samsung’s latest flagship, though, the Galaxy Note 8 is now tied with the iPhone 8+ in DxOMark’s rating system as both devices have an overall score of 94.

Overall scores don’t always tell the full story of a camera review, though. Many will simply look at the score and be done with a review, but the specific details of what goes into that score are important to look at. Samsung was able to shine in a couple of key areas in this review, with the first being its still photo results. The Galaxy Note 8 was able to get 100 points in DxOMark’s photo tests thanks to its excellent zoom quality, good noise reduction, and detail preservation.

However, the video portion of the test is what brought down the overall camera score of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. It was only able to achieve 84 points in this area due to very low scores on the texture and autofocus categories. DxOMark’s tests showed that there was residual motion visible when holding the camera still during recording and shadow/highlight clipping in high-contrast scenes.

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Source: DxOMark